Thursday, 8 March 2018

Designing a Room to Grow with Your Child

When we moved into our family home 14 months ago, we knew it would need some work decor wise to get it how we wanted it. We have been chipping away with decorating a few areas of the house and one room which will need some attention soon is LO's bedroom. It's a lovely little room, bursting with character, but in desperate need of an update and some TLC. The walls are pale blue and covered with vehicle themed wall stickers, and the furniture is all a little mismatched- a combination of his old nursery furniture, a pine single bed which we have inherited and two pieces of modern white furniture. Yes, it all serves a purpose, but none of it gels together. 
We'd love to plan a bedroom update for him but one problem we find is that despite his room being a fairly decent size, the shape and placement of fixed objects such as the window, radiator, awkward alcoves and a fireplace, all mean it's hard to know how to arrange his bedroom so that it's functional, gives him space to play and yet looks good too. 
I've been looking into different furniture solutions recently, and the idea of either a bunk bed or a cabin bed came to mind. There's an alcove in his bedroom where his single bed currently fits perfectly, and it would be the perfect place for a bunk or cabin bed too. 
At the moment, his current bedroom furniture includes a pine single bed, a little square Lego table, a Kallax shelving unit for books, a wicker storage chest for board games and a chest of drawers (which used to be his change table as a baby). The room looks far too busy and with everything sitting at awkward angles, finding furniture which incorporates storage and is multi- use would make the perfect solution to our problems. 
I’ve been browsing Room to Grow’s collection of children’s Loft Beds and love the design of the Fargo Grey High Sleeper. This would be an option for when LO was a bit older obviously as he's only 4, but having the desk under the bed frees up so much space elsewhere in the room, and the fold out futon is perfect for if a friend came for a sleepover. 

A cabin bed makes a good alternative if you don't want your little one sleeping quite so high up off the ground, and they come in so many different designs with all sorts of storage solutions too, including built in chest of drawers, desks and pull out storage compartments too. This Stompa Uno 3 would go perfectly in the alcove in LO's room, and would really help maximise floor space too. I love the colourful storage cubes and I'm always a fan of anything which will encourage him to keep his room tidy and organised! 
With a cabin bed leaving so much free space around his room, one thing I'd love to get would be a set of statement shelves where he could display some of his Lego creations, favourite toys, trinkets and photos. I love the design of this Wild West Teepee Bookcase as well this open facing grey bookcase to display his huge collection of lovely books. 

Cabin and bunk beds are definitely a great solution for bedrooms which are small or limited for where you can place furniture, like LO's room. I really like the idea of a cabin bed and that type of bed would definitely see him through his primary school years. 
What storage solutions do you find work well in your child's bedroom? Do you struggle to arrange furniture and have enough floor space? What works well for you? 

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  1. We've put C in a cabin bed and she loves it. We've painted clouds around the top of the walls so she says she's sleeping in the clouds. Her room is small but it has maximised the floor space.


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