Saturday, 30 June 2018

Bonne Maman Flower Jars

The weather this past week has just been incredible, hasn't it? I love long sunny days and all the time it allows us to spend in the garden. We spend a huge amount of time outside and have really got into gardening since moving to the Lincolnshire countryside. Our garden isn't huge by any stretch, it's a fairly average size, but has been well looked after (until we arrived that is) and is filled with lots of mature plants, many of which flower each year without us needing to do anything.

Among the flowering plants, we currently have giant daisies, lavender and the most beautiful sweet peas in different shades of pink. We find that by taking cuttings, the more flowers grow back the following week, so I thought it was the perfect chance to create some simple flower displays so we ca enjoy a little of the beauty of the garden indoors too. 

Home grown sweetpeas, giant daisies and lavender. 

There's nothing quite like a little display of flowers to brighten up a room and make it feel homely. I have a collection of Bonne Maman jam jars (I wash them and store them away after we've finished a jar of strawberry jam) and simply cut flowers from around the garden to pop in a couple of jars to display in the kitchen. It literally takes me 5 minutes, and the boys love walking around the garden helping me pick the flowers and arranging them. So pretty yet so simple. 

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