Thursday, 19 July 2018

Top Honeymoon Locations

Travelling is one of my all time passions, and I love nothing more than getting the opportunity to hop on a plane to visit another country, to feel the sun on my skin and to experience new cultures. Before we had the boys, we got to travel to a few places together, including Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, Greece and Malaysia, but there are many more places on my travel bucket list I'd love to see.

We are already married and therefore have had our honeymoon to Rome and Sardinia which we pieced together ourselves, organising the flights, hotels and transfers all independently. It was quite stressful and the hotels weren't as luxurious as we'd hoped for. Going through a travel operator such as Destination2 can help alleviate a lot of the stress and worry, by creating tailor-made holidays in worldwide destinations, from beach holidays to city breaks and escorted tours.

I'd love to experience a really luxurious holiday somewhere far away, perhaps even have a second honeymoon for a big wedding anniversary?! Who knows? So I've been dreaming of beautiful beaches, exotic sunsets and having a little explore of my top honeymoon locations Destination2 offer in their honeymoon collection...

Set in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives would make the perfect place to head to to get away from it all and just enjoy peace and quiet, stunning views and amazing 5 star service. I can find it quite hard to relax and do nothing on holiday, so I'd be keen to try diving, snorkelling or paddle boarding too, as well as getting the chance to experience really fine dining, exotic cocktails on the beach and even popping to the al fresco cinema or cheese and wine station in the middle of the beach. It really sounds like pure bliss! The weather is pretty much sunny all ready round but with the peak time being December to February, this would make the Maldives a perfect honeymoon destination after a winter wedding. You can check prices for a honeymoon to the Maldives on the Destination2 website.

Dubai is somewhere which fascinates me and is on my travel bucket-list already. If like me, you love hot weather and the combination of a city break and the beach too, then it could be the perfect place to honeymoon. There is so much to see and do there, from visiting the world's tallest building- the Burj Khalifa, to shopping trips around the malls, or if you're looking for something more adventurous, going on a desert adventure to experience sand boarding, a 4x4 safari or having a ride through the desert on a camel. Dubai is also renowned for it's waterparks- something I know I would want to go to on honeymoon.

Mexico is somewhere I'd love to visit as it's steeped in ancient history and has mile upon mile of beautiful coastline. There are lots of ancient ruins and temples to visit as well as having the vibrant nightlife experience in cities like Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Mexico has year-round warm weather but if you visit in November to April, there's less likelihood of there being a tropical monsoon.

Kuala Lumpur
Finally, I had to mention Kuala Lumpur as it's a city I've been to and absolutely loved. Malaysia is a beautiful country and the capital city of KL is buzzing with charm, character and excitement. There are some amazing buildings, including the Petronas Twin Towers, which I've been up, the KL  Tower, and many luxury shopping malls. There are some truly luxurious hotels in the centre and when I visited, one of my favourite things to do was to pop in for a delicious lemon iced tea- seriously, the best iced tea I've ever tried! 11km north of KL are the ancient Batu Caves, set in a four hundred million year old limestone hill. There is a ridiculous amount of steps to climb before you reach the caves but it's well worth it when you reach the Hindu temple inside. 
Kuala Lumpur is very close to the equator so is hot and humid all year, and they do experience some torrential downpours, but December to March is the dry season. 

So that completes my roundup of my top honeymoon locations. As someone who loves the combination of the beach and a city break Dubai would be an amazing place to visit, and it's definitely up there near the top on my travel bucket list. Equally I would love the chance to experience a tropical island paradise in the Maldives too. Maybe for my tenth wedding anniversary in 2020....

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