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Ways to Make a Small Garden Feel Bigger

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When we were planning our relocation to Lincolnshire two years ago, one of the main priorities on our house criteria list was to have a bigger garden. We'd previously lived in a terrace house with literally a yard big enough to store the bins and then a bigger house with a fairly small north facing (and very windy) garden but which acted as both a front and a back garden. We both enjoy gardening and having a larger space for the boys to run about and play hide and seek in was something we dreamed of. As it turned out, our search criteria had to change and we decided to prioritise the location we moved to over the size of the garden, and chose a house for it's village setting as opposed to the garden. 

Our current garden is by no means a 'postage stamp' garden and is a fairly standard size, but it's most definitely in need of a bit of a revamp to make the space work for us as a family. We don't make the most of the space at all and it really isn't very relaxing to sit in. We'd love to make it appear bigger and a more usable space, so we've been planning a few ideas for how to make our garden not only feel a bit bigger, but also more usable for us as a family too. 

Ways to make your garden feel bigger...

Conceal parts of the garden
At the moment, you can see our garden is basically grass with flower beds down the edges and a gravel area at the end of the garden. One thing we'd love to do is to break up the grass area and create some mystery. By hiding parts of the garden and using paths and plants, you can actually trick your eyes into thinking it's a bigger space than it really is. 

Use Quality Artificial Grass
Replacing the grass areas with quality Artificial Grass is also a good option in a small garden. It can make the space more usable throughout the year as it won't get muddy, it doesn't require mowing and it's vivid and bright, adding to the simplicity of the layout. Breaking up the grass space can make it appear bigger too so the eye doesn't seen the entire space all at once. There's lots of ways to break up a lawn space, such as by using paths, planting borders or even using fencing or trellis. 

Create different levels
Another way to make a garden feel bigger is by adding in different levels, either by using steps or decking. We are hoping to add a decked area to our garden outside our kitchen doors as it will make the garden feel more like an extension of the house. 

Divide the garden into zones
At the moment our garden is just a vast space of lawn, with objects such as the garden table and chairs, BBQ, herb and plant pots and the children's garden toys randomly placed around the garden. There's no specific home for anything and consequently we end up moving things about constantly, often leaving the garden looking random and messy. One way to make the garden more usable and to appear bigger is to plan out different 'zones' with each one having a specific purpose. 

Use big pots
One thing which makes our garden feel most cluttered is the sheer number of different sized plant pots we have strewn around in random places. They're all different designs and with completely different plants in and to look at it feels cluttered. We are hoping to use bigger pots with textured plants in to create interest, without making it feel too busy. 

Reflect Light
Another way to make a garden feel bigger is by reflecting light into the space. I love the idea of attaching a decorative outdoor mirror to a fence and growing plants around it to not only reflect the light but also reflect foliage, the lawn space and to create a sense of space and depth, and to trick the eye into thinking the garden goes further than it really does. Another way is by introducing light and texture through the use of light coloured pathways, a light stone or slate patio or light coloured gravel. 

I am really looking forward to get started with some of our own designs for our garden and to introduce some of these tips and ideas to make our garden not only feel bigger but to become a more usable space for the family too. It'll take time and a lot of planning but hopefully we will make it into the space we want. 


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