Thursday, 13 September 2018

Happy Place Live {with Fearne Cotton}

I'm back! It's felt like an absolute age since I last wrote a blog post, but I'm now back and trying to get into some sort of routine. We're back into the swing of the school run and Little L has settled into his new preschool this week. With home routines feeling settled, I thought it would be a good time to find a little bit of time for me. It's been a fairly long summer and I really don't feel I've had much time to myself, let alone to get chance to catch up with blog related things. Therefore, getting the chance to attend Happy Place Live, with Fearne Cotton and Vita Coco, with my friend Natalie, could not have come at a better time.

This was the first Happy Place Live event, a day of well-being, expert led teaching, relaxation and mindfulness, with the event raising money for Mind charity. I have suffered quite badly lately with anxiety and stress and I knew that I'd take a lot away from the day. 

The event itself was held at Sunbeam studios in West London, and after a slightly stressful bus journey across London (we missed our stop and ended up in completely the wrong place! Thank goodness for Uber!) we arrived and were able to start enjoying all the activities on offer throughout the day. The foyer area was et up with an Instagram booth as well as this amazing art mural which everyone was invited to come and paint a part of. I used to really enjoy painting and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed painting. I found it incredibly therapeutic but it was rewarding to contribute my own creativity to a piece of collective art work with everyone else too. It's inspired me to pick up the paintbrushes and palette again and just get creative, whether thats with the boys or painting for myself. 

 I literally could have stood there painting all day. I'm really thankful to have ignited my love of art again.
 Natalie and I had such a lovely day together, and it was made all the better getting to do the activities with a friend. I think it did us both good to have a child-free day where we got the chance to just have a chat, take part in fun exercise and be creative.

I loved having a mooch around the stalls. There was one selling the most amazing smelling candles, which again are something I love. There's nothing nicer than lighting a few scented candles around your house, especially in the autumn. It really is the small things which can make a little difference to your mood, and I know that when my house is clean and tidy and smells of pumpkin spice, my mood will instantly lift.

 If sewing is your thing then you'd have loved the embroidery area where you could embroider a pattern onto your denim jacket or alternatively, tried out sewing a pattern onto a notebook. Mind run an event called Crafternoon (you can order a craft kit on their website). The idea is to hold a Christmas craft afternoon with friends and family to raise money for Mind. Sitting over a coffee, having a chat and taking part in crafts sounds so relaxing, and you're raising funds for a good cause at the same time.

One of my favourite sessions was the aerobic dance session led by Danielle Peazer. I'm most definitely not a dancer but I have got a good sense of rhythm and can follow a routine, so this aerobic workout was right up my street, and to top it off, we were dancing literally feet away from Fearne Cotton too! It was such an energetic workout and I really felt inspired to try more aerobics at home. It really is so much fun. We also attended a Yoga and relaxation session with Zephyr Widman. Yoga isn't something I've really tried before, and while I preferred the dance, I'd definitely give it another go.

Happy Place Live was held in collaboration with Vita Coco, so Coconut was the theme for the snacks and food on offer throughout the day, from Vita Coco coconut water, to coconut coffee, coconut energy balls, hot dishes cooked with coconut milk and even a coconut dessert station where you could top your coconut dessert with a huge array of tasty, healthy toppings.

One of the highlights of the day was getting to chat to the lovely Fearne Cotton. She participated in all the activities and was so lovely when I spoke to her. She's written so many books, including some new ones which were available to have a browse of.

To finish a really fabulous day, Fearne hosted a podcast with Davina McCall. It was really interesting to hear Davina speak about mindfulness, about being a 'glass half full' kind of person, posiitivity and mental health issues. I think the podcast will be available to listen to soon, so I won't spoil it, but I can really recommend listening to it.
I had such an enjoyable day and I'm really pleased to have been shown different ways in which we can all add a little positivity to our day and the importance of looking after ourselves.



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