Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Life Lately: Spring Edit

Happy Tuesday, and wow, it's April already! We are into the fourth month of the year and I feel like I've barely put anything on my blog in 2019. I am slowly finding my way with it again, but watch this space for a few updates... I feel like blogging in general is in the midst of big changes. I'm not sure bloggers are posting as frequently anymore, and whether that's because the focus is very much on Instagram and YouTube now I'm not sure, but I, for certain, still love sitting with my laptop, a cup of coffee and having a read of some of my favourite blogs.

So what can you expect from my blog then? I will likely do a total update of the layout and the way my blog looks and operates, as well as a possible name change too, because as much as I love Oh Little One Sweet, my blog is no longer about babies and parenting really, which is what it originally started out as back in 2014 when I was on maternity leave. I've been featuring the boys less and less and the focus has or will become more on interiors, general mum stuff, the odd craft here and there, country living and of course some travel too. I don't want to box myself into a particular niche, I just want to get back to writing about what I enjoy, sharing things I love and that you might too, and little snippets from everyday life in the Lincolnshire countryside. We really live a pretty simple life, but it's always nice to find joy in the simple everyday, don't you think? I am so looking forward to injecting a little bit of new life into this blog of mine, and what better time to do it than in Spring? I hope you'll stick around for the ride...

Here's what we've been up to lately...

Exercise and physiotherapy
I've been working to slowly rebuild my core muscles after suffering badly with diastasis recti, and then abdominal surgery to fix an injury caused by the diastasis. I didn't find I was gaining much from the physic services so instead I've taken what I already knew about gentle exercises and combined that with following a few short videos on YouTube. I've been loving Lucy Wyndham-Reed's videos for helping Diastasis, as well as her Hiit workouts with Anna Saccone. I've also been following the Bodies after babies 7 day challenge. I'm trying much harder to fit in 5 minutes here and there to do the simple exercises and it's making so much difference. 

I also try to make sure I go on at least one walk a day, even if not for very long. If I'm with Luca it'll be a brisk walk around the block to the playground or if it's a preschool day, I'll make sure I give myself 40 minutes to get out, enjoy the countryside and sunshine. It makes such a difference! 

Signs of spring
I absolutely love where we live, and I'll never take this countryside which is on our doorstep for granted. The blossom, daffodils and blue sunny skies are just gorgeous this year. Our village is stunning at this time of year, and getting out for a few evening strolls or jogs is on my priority list. 

Mother's Day
I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day at the weekend. We headed over to a pub called The Earl of Chesterfield, which is in Gunthorpe, Notts. The food was delicious, and I just had to get a snap of my Blackforest Gateau deconstructed dessert. I asked Mr F to get a few photos of me with my boys, they're both looking so grown up lately and I feel incredibly lucky to be called their Mummy. 
Afterwards, we headed down to the River Trent to watch boats going through the locks which the boys loved. 

And finally...
I hope to share a few Easter related posts, and a few home interiors ones too as we've been busy with a bit of a home update project too. 

Amelia x



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