Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Five Beauty Products I'm Loving Lately

It's not often I write about beauty products on my blog, mostly because I don't buy new beauty products all that often. I'm guilty of being given things or buying the odd thing here or there, and putting them in a basket in my cupboard, usually being too busy or too tired to have a pamper session when I might use them. Lately though, triggered by my fairly recent diagnosis of Hypothyroidism, I've been taking much more care of my hair and skin, and making more time to look after myself, from fitness and eating well, to drinking more water and taking more time to look after my hair and especially my skin.

I've delved into my beauty basket and discovered some really lovely products which I've found have worked really well, as well as purchasing a couple of new things too, all of which I've been using on a daily or weekly basis.

So here are my top five beauty products I've been loving lately...

I've been using this oil by Caudalie, which contains grape-seed oil and argan oil on my hair and skin. I find it absorbs quickly and doesn't have that greasy feel. I use a couple of drops on the palm of my hand to run through the ends of my hair after I've washed it as it's very fine and dry so gets easily tangled. This oil has made a huge difference and leaves my hair very soft.

Jonah Mountain Creations Mineral Salt Scrub
Now summer has arrived, I am back on it with my exfoliating routine, and lately I've been loving this lavender essence salt scrub which smells amazing and leaves my skin really soft. Unfortunately I don't think you can buy it in the UK (this was a gift from when a relative went on holiday to America) but mineral salt scrubs can be found everywhere, and are perfect for smooth legs for summer.

Dr Organic Organic Vitamin E Oil £8.99
Ive been using this oil religiously morning and night to massage into my belly to help with post pregnancy loose skin as well as to help with the healing of a scar from surgery I had on my abdomen last year. I know it's very hard to fix loose skin, but combined with gentle exercise, a few workouts, I'm hoping that massaging the skin with vitamin E oil will make a difference.

A close friend is a Tropic ambassador and introduced me to this lovely brand a couple of years ago. I've had quite a few products from the range, but lately I've been loving the Vitamin Toner. It smells amazing, and leaves your skin feeling awake and refreshed, and like I've been to the spa. 

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer £19.00
I'm on a bit of a mission to improve the condition of my hair at the moment. It's very fine and gets very knotty when I wash or brush it, so this pre-shampoo treatment is perfect for helping with the condition and avoiding tangled hair after it'e been washed.


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