I can remember the first camera I got as a child vividly. It was a little red supa snaps point and click with one of those plastic view finders which you had to fold up. I adored my little plastic camera and I would snap away at things around the garden and when we went away on holiday. It was always such an exciting moment going to Boots to pick up my camera prints after the film had been processed and that passion for cameras and photography never went away. 

For our wedding, we used some of our gift money to put towards our first DSLR camera. I'd wanted one ever since I had done A Level art and was overjoyed to find that technology had moved on quite rapidly and the cameras were now much easier to operate. We've now had our trusty Canon 1000D for 5 years and it's never once let me down. Yes, there are days when I can find it so incredibly frustrating that the light is poor or that I just can't seem to get a good shot, but there's nothing nicer than being able to use your camera to capture memories of your child growing up, whether this be on my trusty iPhone camera or on my big camera. I want Little One to be able to look back on these photos and see what he used to get up to, what he wore, our little adventures we went on and just how happy he was. 

Here is a collection of some of my favourite photos. Some are taken on my DSLR and some on my iPhone, but I love each and every one of them as they hold such dear memories for me of either time or place.  


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